Continuing Adventures of Brisco County Jr. in 1913

29 years ago my favorite show was Brisco County Jr. We're now in 2022, and while the world has changed, my favorite TV show has not. So, what do you do over the course of 2 years in a pandemic? Why, write fan fiction for your favorite show!

Imagine an older and more bitter Brisco County Jr. working in Hollywood as a consultant for western movies with Socrates as his agent and lawyer (admit it, you'd love to see Bruce Campbell play poker with Wyatt Earp). Lenore, widow of Lord Bowler, reaches out to say that her son has disappeared due to a clumsy mishap by a visitor from the future.

Feeling that he owes Bowler, Brisco embarks on a journey to visit:

  • A small town in Miami (sorry Miami OK, not the fun one) - where he has to work with a burned spy to uncover a plot to distract America from a potential European War (side note, the town is pretend but the mastermind is based on an actual person)
  • Serenity - another Western themed show with science fiction elements which was also unjustly cancelled after one season (Bruce Campbell with Nathan Fillion, which chin will win?)
  • Wrapping up with our favorite original characters and new characters Brisco has met along the way all meeting at the Winchester Mansion where they fight ghosts, an army of darkness, and a smoke monster.

Meanwhile, Pete Hutter (a personal favorite) is combating his own enemies and potentially a lynchpin to the story. #spoilers

This began as a "what if" and evolved into an experiment of inserting "coming things" from the Information Age, sprinkling in a plethora of science fiction quotes, finding various historical events and people to include from the year 1913, and overall a fan letter to the cast and crew of the show.